Be ready with our women's snowboard gear

Whether you're a shred sister, a chick who rips, a lady who loves her laps, or just a plain old female snowboarder, you'll find everything you need for your next trip amongst our women's snowboard selection.

Pick up a new board, a pair of boots and bindings, helmets and goggles, outerwear or layers, clothing and accessories, from the biggest and best brands in the industry. With big hitters like Burton, Rome, Oakley, Electric, Dragon, Dakine, Volcom and Mons Royale, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Chick-specific or unisex?

A lot of gear in the world of snowboarding can be unisex and will work well for both guys and girls, but you might also want to look out for kit aimed specifically at women. Aside from looking the part, with special feminine fits, designs and colourways, many products also have technical features that are suited to a generally smaller, lighter frame than their male counterparts.

You'll find boards in smaller sizes with more forgiving flex, boots and bindings in narrower fits for slender feet, and goggles that don't swallow up quite so much of your face. Whatever the model and whichever brand you choose, if there's a girlie option then chances are it's been designed with you in mind, so check it out!

Can we help?

If there's anything you're unsure about or you don't know quite what you're looking for, you might find some helpful info over on our gear guides page. There are buying guides for boards, boots, bindings, outerwear, helmets and more, so go check them out.

If you'd rather speak to a real person, that's cool too. We've got a friendly and knowledgeable team just waiting to take your call or answer your email. No question to big or small, just get in touch.