Surf Accessories

Introducing the world of women’s surf accessories

You’ve squeezed into you wetsuit with your board in hand. That’s you ready to go, right? No way! There’s an exciting world of other amazing bits and bobs out there to make your surfing experience even more awesome. From the absolute essentials to the odd and extravagant, you’re absolutely sure to find some real gold amongst our massive range.

We’ve searched low and high to bring you the finest best surf accessories from awesome brands like FCS, Platypus, C-Skins, Northcore, Dryrobe, Mizu, Nixon, Klean Kanteen and Rip Curl. Need some wax or a board repair kit? Some car seat covers or a roof rack adapter? Tried a surf watch? Looking for towels, hangers or changing robes? Reusable drinking bottles, swim fins and SUP gear? Wetbags, keysafes and much, much more? Good news! You’ve come to the right place. You name it, we’ve got it. 

Be a bit better for the environment

When it comes to surf accessories, one of our most popular is the humble reusable drinks bottle. As surfers, you know more than most about the impact that waste plastic and other junk has on the environment – you see it in the sea and washing up on beaches day-in, day out. 

The great thing is that by doing something as straightforward as drinking your water from a reusable drink bottle, you’re taking one small step to help cut the amount of disposable packaging that ends up in the sea or in landfill. 

Any questions?

If you want some more information, can’t find something you’re looking for or have a question that needs answering, just get in touch. We’ve got dedicated surf geeks literally falling over themselves to help you out and share their knowledge – just drop us a line.