Freeze Servicing

Price List:

Wax - £10 
All hot waxes are done by hand to ensure maximum base penetration and coverage. We use a premium fluorinated wax which performs in all snow conditions, which is then buffed and hand finished to optimise your slide.

Basic Service - £25
We give your board/skis a light grind flattening and removing surface scratches, before sharpening the edges, hot waxing and hand finishing.

Full 'Team' Service - £35
Our comprehensive 'Team' service gets your board/skis right back to new. We'll fill any deeper gouges with high quality Wintersteiger p-tex, then base grind to remove lighter scratches, before sharpening your edges, premium hot waxing and buffing your gear to the highest level finish.

*Specific edge bevels on request

Freeze Servicing

With more sgnifiicant board/ski damage, we will give you a precise quote when we receive your equipment, and won't begin any work before you give us the go-ahead. To give you an idea:

  • Base patch from £15
  • De-lams from £10
  • Edge Replacements from £30

Ski Binding Mount £20**
Ski Re-Mounts £30

**Ski Binding Mounting Online

If you would like us to mount your skis and bindings please add this to your basket and we'll give you a call to confirm your Boot Sole Length and how you'd like them mounted. We'll the mount them up before they ship to you.

If you have any queries about this please call us on 0131 2609677